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Inhuman Terrorism Thwarted In California Subway System

Early yesterday evening an electric fireball lit the Blue Line of California's metro subway in what authorities are suspect is a case of Inhuman terrorism. Security cameras caught part of the theft and apparent bypassing of the subway car's braking system that maintenance teams report goes far beyond what the Metro's electric supplies can output at even its worst-case scenarios.  The footage from the incident has been making the rounds on major news outlets. Security footage courtesy of RT America. Reports go on to reveal that the stolen train accelerated at top speed towards a full passenger train from Compton station. The Metro Transit Authority made emergency calls to the train conductors trying to get the situation under control. The apparent attack did not go according to plan, and the trains were stopped just feet from a head-on collision. Security footage from both trains is suggested to show a detailed Inhuman presence in the hijacked train. This footage is now part of the investigation and has not been released, but several passengers have captured phone videos featuring shocking footage of the hijackers that has gone viral on social media--just moments before the first Initiative members make [...]

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Movie Star Simon Williams Missing!

By | August 14th, 2017|Categories: Gossip|

Movie star Simon Williams is missing. Set to appear for a meet and greet at the St.Charles Grand Movie Theater, Williams was a no show. His agent went to his hotel room to find all of Williams' belongings still [...]

Sentinel Program Growing and Expanding

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With nightly news now dominated by stories of the terror and damage of Inhumans, the US government has decided it's now time to expand their nascent Sentinel program.  The first view the public had of the now enigmatic FEMA program [...]

Hunt for Suspect in Abandoned Warehouse Murders

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Officials have launched an investigation after multiple bodies were discovered in a Woodside, Queens vacant building. Police became involved when a traffic officer ran the plate of a car parked overnight near the intersection of 37th Street and 57th Avenue [...]

Renovations Begin on Crispus Attucks Complex

By | July 18th, 2017|Categories: Local|

Renovations are finally underway in Harlem to start rebuilding the city block occupied by the Crispus Attucks Complex, which cleared final legislative hurdles last week. Spearheaded by Councilwoman Mariah Dillard, the rebuilding of the complex has been a constant goal [...]

Emma Frost Fights to Keep Frost International

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The month long nomination period for new candidates for Frost International's board of directors officially kicked off on Thursday. That means activist investors like Pierce Industries can now submit proposals for new Frost International board members, opening up the stage [...]